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No Bad Art - Episode 12 - Jennifer Fields

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

On this week’s super-sized episode of No Bad Art - John, Jennifer, and Roscoe drop some truth this week as they discuss Jennifer’s latest body of work and embark on some a needed group therapy session and self-reflection as they ponder new and exciting (and scary) chapters in their careers.

All images © Jennifer Fields

Slide 1 - “How Am I Not Myself”

Slide 2 - “It Means Well But It Is Awful”

Slide 3 - “I Never Know What To Do With My Hands”

Slide 4 - “Black-Eyed Me, Black-Eyed You”

Slide 5 - “I Have Nerves Of Steal But My Insides Are Made Of Tangled Yarn”

Slide 6 - “How To Mourn The Sorrow Of Time In 8 Easy Steps”

Slide 7 - (Currently Untitled)

Slide 8 - “Telltale Teeth”

Slide 9 - “Vessels (Installation shot)”

Slide 10 - “Altar”

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